Hey there 👋, I am Neel

Software Engineer👨‍💻 | Tech Blogger✍️

I love building high quality software solutions that provides great value at scale

I am a Software Engineer since 2019. Right from my initial college days, I have been developing web applications, then eventually started with other technologies tinkering around various stuffs by implementing side projects.

Post my graduation, I have been working as a Software Engineer, mostly on building backend systems at scale.

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Apart from computers and technology, I also have great interest in blogging, backpacking, sports 🏸🏓, trekking 🏔 and travelling ✈️. I am currently involved in Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) 🥷


Gojek | Software Engineer ||

(Jan, 2022 - Present)

  • I am part of Gojek's Customer Platform / Incentives Team
  • Technologies used: Go, Aerospike, Spanner, Kafka, Redis, GCP

  • PharmEasy | Software Engineer

    (July, 2019 - Dec, 2021)

  • I was part of catalog team, which maintains the core product data like availability, pricing, discount, substitute options, etc.
  • Worked on a monolith backend for a year, and later involved in splitting the monolith into multiple microservices.
  • Took end to end ownership of implementing major features in the new services from scratch including API migration from monolith to new microservices.
  • Identified various areas of improvements in the monolith system and worked on solutions, resulting in reduced cache and database calls, elasticsearch reindexing and overall system processing time.
  • Developed complete "substitute-service" micro-service from scratch using Spring reactive stack(Webflux) and MongoDB.
  • Worked on a new "rich-content" product's front-end completely from scratch using React, Redux, Node, Express and CSS.
  • Interacted with cross-functional teams, guided juniors, proactively created documentation space in Confluence and maintained various documents for overall understanding of catalog services and easy onboarding of any new joiner.
  • Technologies used: Java, Ruby on Rails, Spring Webflux, NodeJs, ReactJs, ExpressJS, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka, AWS

  • IdealVillage | Web Developer Intern

    (Feb, 2018 - April, 2018)

  • My task was based on full-stack web development and building a web application for managing users, content and advertisement-based video programs. The idea was similar to what we see in News Channels,(i.e. video in center, advertisements in sidebar and text marquee at bottom). All images and videos were directly uploaded to cloud, thus reducing response time and load of database server.
  • Technologies used:PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap with some snippets of AJAX.
  • Key Projects

    College Recommendation and Intercollege Events Social Network

    - Implemented Random Forest Algorithm for recommending engineering colleges to users based on their marks and other details.

    - Performed scraping of colleges information from college websites and DTE website using python.

    - Also developed an intercollege event management application for facilitating student’s access to information about any college’s events, through a single mobile application.

    Technologies used - Flutter, Firebase Firestore and Google Cloud Platform

    Library Management System for Windows

    - Developed a Library Management System where librarian can add, update and delete book and student records, issue books to student and send them notifications for return.

    - Librarian can also view records of books issued to any student, book's remaining stock and can send email to student.

    Technology used - C#.NET

    Camping website

    - Developed a website where user can view all campgrounds, signup and login to their accounts and provide their comments and also add a new campground.

    - Created a RESTful API for performing CRUD operations on campground details and comments.

    Technologies used - Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and Bootstrap.

    Patatap Website Clone

    - Made a clone of patatap.com website which does animation and playback sounds on key press.

    - Implemented using Paper.js and howler.js libraries for animation and sound effects.

    Client Addressbook Management

    - Developed a website where user can log in and manage their clients information, update insert or delete any client details.

    Technologies used - PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.